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Advantages and Disadvantages of a Lathe Machine

A lathe machine is a commonly used machine that works through removing the undesired material from a rotating workpiece with a cutting tool that is fed against the work either crosswise or longitudinally to give its desired shape and size. This is also known as the “mother of all machines” and due to its versatility, it can be used in a large variety of operations such as turning, tapered turning, shoulder turning, facing, thread cutting, parting, chamfering, knurling, drilling, boring, counter boring, countersinking, and reaming operation. Probably the oldest machine tool known to mankind, the first lathe invented worked with one person turning the wood workpiece using rope and the other person shaping the workpiece through a sharp tool, now called as a two-person lathe. The ancient Romans improved this design by adding the turning bow, and the development went on to the industrial revolution when steam engines and water wheels were attached to the lathe to make the turning easier and faster. This paved way for metalworking and heavier machines with thicker and more rigid parts. Then in the 1950s, the servo mechanism was added to be able to control the lathe machine and it became the easiest lathe machine to operate until a British engineer named Henry Maudslay invented the Computer Numerical Control (CNC) lathe which is the most advanced form of lathe machine.

Some of the advantages in using a lathe machine are:

1:High Productivity – The industries that are using lathe machines can be sure that these produce high quality products with top-notch accuracy, especially the CNC lathe machines. As a result, the productivity will increase.

2:High Speed – The machining in the lathe can produce many products in a lesser time, especially with the use of CNC lathe and automatic lathe, because of its high-speed production.

3:Saves Time and Money – Due to the advantages mentioned above, using a lathe machine saves a lot of time. Aside from this, it also saves money because there is no need to have many operators or turners which will result to lesser machining and labor cost.

Some of the disadvantages in using a lathe machine are:

1:Highly-skilled Operators/Turners – Although it only requires a few turners to operate the lathe machine, there is a need for them to be highly-skilled because they have to control the machine precisely and make sure it is given constant supervision. The preciseness of the job depends highly on the skills of the turners/operators.

2:Cost and Weight of the Machine – The initial cost of a lathe machine is high. It actually depends on the purpose and how big the production is but most lathe machines used in big companies cost up to $50,000. It also takes up a lot of space because it is a huge machine and sometimes, it requires extra fittings and attachments which makes it bigger and more expensive. The use of CNC lathe machine is also not advisable for small production.

3:Constant Maintenance – A lathe machine needs a proper and constant maintenance, in each of its important parts. Otherwise, this may damage some parts or the whole machine.

Lawnmowers Advantages And Disadvantages All Types Included

Every gardener needs one, but nobody really knows which one is the right one: we are talking about the lawn mower. Therefore the 4”basic" models and their advantages and disadvantages are presented here.

Lawnmowers advantages and disadvantages

Previously we had to choose between an electric and petrol lawn mower. With the advancement of modern technology, various lawn mower manufacturers are now offering a numerous types of mower makes it difficult to decide which type of lawnmower to use. In principle, when buying a lawnmower, you should differentiate between these variants:

1:Electric lawnmower

2:Petrol lawn mower

3:Battery Powered lawnmower

4:Tractor Lawn Mower

Electric lawn mower:

Advantages: The electric lawn mower is mostly traded at a very reasonable purchase price in specialist shops and in numerous hardware stores. This type of lawnmower is also considered to be environmentally friendly and, due to its consistently light weight, easy to maneuver.

Disadvantages: However, it is considered a disadvantage that you always have to carry an electric cable with you when mowing, which of course involves dangers. Especially when the garden has many obstacles, such as trees and shrubs, sculptures, etc. And even tall grass can hardly be mowed satisfactorily with an electric grass mower that is often under performing.

Top 15 Best Wood Lathes To Buy in 2022

Benefits Of Wood Lathe

The wood lathe machine is an essential tool for professional carpenters and can be a creative and engaging activity for people who love crafting. Here are the reasons why you should invest in a wood lathe.

Work Efficient

Wood carving is one of the most laborious tasks to perform, and sometimes it may take many attempts for the perfection of work. The wood lathe is designed to provide efficiency of work with high-end production.


Most of the professionals prefer having a wood lathe as it is very easy to use and can be operated by anyone who knows even very few about wood carving. Some wood lathe is also automatic. The operator has to provide it with some instructions, and they work on their own.


The wood lathes are made up of cast-iron material. Unlike conventional wood carving tools, the wood lathe is much more durable to use. It provides work efficiency and accessibility to its operator. The wood lathe is a one-time investment for its consumer, and you do not have to worry too much about its maintenance.

4.3.2 – Types of Brush Cutter Engines

2 Stroke or 4 Stroke Engines and future Electric Motors

First I will look at the two petrol powered motors and then get onto the electric motor. Electric power was the first power plant used in the very first weed eaters and will become the main power source for heavy duty weed wacker’s in the future as battery technology gets better.

The genuine Honda engine comes with a three year domestic and commercial warranty, (at least here in Australia) so if Honda is confident enough to give it a three year commercial warranty, you can be sure you will get a long trouble free life from it in a domestic situation. Of cause no engine is totally trouble free and on the occasion there can be some parts that fail prematurely. I personally have never experience any problems with my genuine Honda engine brush cutters and if Husqvarna & Maruyama can use a Honda engine in their 4 stroke models then you have to know that these engines are good for the long hall.

Personally, I think that this is the best small engine that you could fit to a Brush Cutter Engine. You have to give credit to Honda for designing such a beautiful engine, I is a shame Honda are so unless at marketing it. I have had feedback from customers, who have gone to buy a Honda brush cutter after reading through these pages and have been talked out of not only buying a Honda brush cutter, but have also been talked into buying a bicycle handle brush cutter, by dealers with little practicable experience. And this is from dealer who’s main brand is Honda, but also carry other brands.

Difference Between 2 Stroke And 4 Stroke Brush Cutter Engine

A 2 Stroke Brush Cutter Engine is a type of internal combustion engine which completes a power cycle with two strokes of the piston during only one crankshaft revolution.The two main functions of a two-stroke engine are compression and combustion, 2 stroke engines tend to be more powerful than 4 stroke engines. And since they have less moving parts, 2 stroke engines tend to be more reliable.

In choosing between a two-stroke or a four-stroke, four-stroke engines tend to be better on fuel, quieter, and less emissions. At the time of this writing, four stroke engines are more expensive. Two-stroke engines are generally more powerful than four-stroke engines, thus two-stroke engines are worse on fuel economy, have worse emissions. What they lose in fuel economy and emissions, they make up for in price and more reliability because they have less moving parts.

And speaking of less moving parts, the 4 stroke has a separate oil pan to lubricate the engine. Many lawnmowers are 2 stroke engines and generally cut grass flat on the ground. A brush cutter or a string trimmer often has to be tilted and held at odd angles in order to do its job. That tilt can result in oil moving out of where it needs to be, exposing the engine to greater wear or even damage.

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